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No matter how devoted, few of our parents were able to respond perfectly to all of our needs. We all had some parts of our childhood that were tough, even perilous. Every child experiences a “primitive anxiety” that the world is not a safe place.

There’s a group that was created for adults with emotional scars from childhood, and those who are recovering attest that their scars are healing. The group is Adult Children of Alcoholics. I was a member for nine years and I can tell you that during those years I uncovered my own wounds, many of which are healed.

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Confessions of a People-Pleaser, Part I

It’s hard not to act in ways you suppose others expect you to act or speak. Look at the photo of me carefully. Take some time. Okay, don’t I look like a people-pleaser? Come on, you can tell me the truth. I will not be offended. I’ve almost got not being offended down perfectly.

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Addiction’s Ripple Effect on Family Members

Yes, Mercy for Our Families main mission is supporting family members affected by addiction in the family. I come from such a family, so I’ve been there. My Dad was an alcoholic in recovery. My family suffered as yours may suffer, in all the ways we can suffer. And the addiction that you suffer from can be anything. Addiction is…

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When Mercy Came to Me

Welcome, Dear Reader, Thank you for visiting Addicted to Mercy. I know your time is valuable. This time my subject is not recovery from addiction. What you are about to read happened when I was lost, then found, and then I was able move forward, no longer paralyzed by fears. Come back with me to 1976. I was twenty-four, a…

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