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Addiction’s Ripple Effect on Family Members

Yes, Mercy for Our Families main mission is supporting family members affected by addiction in the family. I come from such a family, so I’ve been there. My Dad was an alcoholic in recovery. My family suffered as yours may suffer, in all the ways we can suffer. And the addiction that you suffer from can be anything. Addiction is…

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When Mercy Came to Me

Welcome, Dear Reader, Thank you for visiting Addicted to Mercy. I know your time is valuable. This time my subject is not recovery from addiction. What you are about to read happened when I was lost, then found, and then I was able move forward, no longer paralyzed by fears. Come back with me to 1976. I was twenty-four, a…

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The Family Drama of Addiction

The family is truly a gift from God. Now families are under siege by global addiction. I honor and respect parents because the good ones are heroes, called to sacrifice themselves for their children. Parents need hope and direction. Their children, whatever their ages, are the main targets of the spiritual darkness at the root of addiction, which aims to deceive, exploit and destroy. I want to teach the family how to defend itself, to lay out a spiritual, therapeutic counter-attack.

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How Addicts are Portrayed on TV

Television and movies are full of addicted characters.  “House” was about an opiate addict, played wonderfully by Hugh Laurie.   The new “Kevin Can Wait,” stars the very talented Kevin James as a lovable junk food junkie.  The character is seen to have just a “weight problem” that dieting should take care of, but not if you have a real addiction…

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A Special Invitation to You

A therapist’s number one job is to relieve or reduce the pain of a person, couple or family, normally though a proper assessment, a diagnosis, followed by a course of treatment.  Often, especially in the cases of abuse and trauma, those suffering carry the burden of shame.  Therapy is a form of mercy, as is forgiveness.  God is a Father…

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Super Heroes, Mercy and Recovery, Take on a Super Villain, Addiction

Fighting with Addiction Science Addictive disease both fascinates and horrifies me, as an addiction professional and as a human being.  Poetry and philosophy I need for my soul because they uplift me.  There was no satisfaction for me to teach high school English, so I found a new career, which by the grace of God I do enjoy.  Over the…

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