Thankful for Family

“We can be thankful for those we’ve loved, near and far, past and present, who’ve loved us back; thankful for family, whether through blood, choice or happenstance.” *

Mercy is the goodness of God, his free act of choosing us to receive his graces, leading us to His Rest, where we will find peace eternal.

I realize that any correct understanding of life comes from my Father and Creator, that any true wisdom always comes from Him.

What does the so-called wisdom of the world teach us?  It says, “Find your own way and you will be happy.”  Upon closer inspection, however, that advice will lead us to unhappiness.  True wisdom whispers, “Find your true way by stepping carefully, for there are many traps to step over before peace and freedom are found.”

Thank you, Father, for all I know or will know by Your Grace.  I accept fully that there are mysteries about this life I cannot understand.  I accept that there are things beyond the reach of my human intelligence.  This is ordained by Your Wisdom.

* Quoted from the Curtis cartoon strip, written and drawn by Ray Billingsley, published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.